Stop Smoking Now by Using This One Technique

Getting over the cigarette habit and quitting the smokes for good is sometimes not that hard to do.  I know it’s easy to say when becoming smoke free at times seems like a million miles off.

You’ve may have tried many times before using will power, patches, support groups like friends, ex-smokers, etc. and still went back during the first stressful situation.

Well here is a technique that I found works and if you just give it a chance you might find that it works for you.

What have you got to lose?

It’s been found through research and interviews that successful quitters were successful because they were able to break the pattern of smoking, the habit so to speak of putting the cigarette in their mouth before they had a chance to realize what they were doing.

Let me explain.  We are a creature of habit.  Heard that before?  Well it’s true.  We have many habits or patterns that we do daily that we don’t think about.  In fact we don’t have time to think about it, we’re not built that way.

What would it be like in the morning if you thought through everything you did.

Here’s a scenario of what it would be like. The alarm clock rings and you think. Ok, I hear the alarm clock so I’m going to roll over and reach out my arm and turn it off.  Now I’m going to pull my arm back under the covers and roll over and rest for a second.

Now to roll over I need to put one leg over the other and shift my body weight as I use my shoulder to push in the direction I want to go…

See where I’m going with this?  Hardly anyone does this but their mind is doing this because we learned how to do it long time ago and now it’s a pattern, a habit so to speak that just goes off automatically.

The problem is somewhere in all these patterns we have one called smoking that is we do without thinking and we want to get rid of it because it’s not serving us anymore.

When this pattern fires we may only recognize it as an urge.  And until we satisfy that urge it will keep requesting that we follow through.  So you may get the urge to smoke even know you told yourself an hour ago you wouldn’t.

Here’s how to break the pattern.  Change the other patterns around it.  For instance while quitting smoking sleep on the different side of the bed and get up quickly if you’re one of those people that have to smoke in the morning.

Or another example is if you have to have an after dinner smoke.  Eat in a different place and immediately leave the table after eating.  You’re interrupting many patters and one of them will be the smoking pattern.  You don’t need to this forever, just long enough to quit smoking.

Be creative and come up with all sorts of ways of interrupting your patterns until you can isolate the smoking habit and find ways of interrupting this habit before it can create a desire to smoke.  Before long you’ll find your cigarette cravings just disappear!

Here’s some more techniques to quit smoking!

Quit Smoking Hypnosis, Mind over Pills

Quit smoking hypnosis, mind over pills

Why is it when you want to quit smoking cigarettes, it seems like the hardest thing in the world? You’ve tried the pills and medications and you were not one of the ones that it worked on. Or you couldn’t afford the doctor visits or the thought of going back for checkups and then the insurance doesn’t cover the medication.

It’s just a little ole white piece of paper with tobacco in the middle. Why does it have such control over your life?

In this article I’m going to give you one piece of information that might change your life and start you down the road of breathing healthy and feeling great again. No more wheezing and being short of breath because you did the most simple task like walking up a flight of stairs.

Ok if you’re still with me I’m sure you’ve heard from family and friends, “just put the cigs down!” Well it’s just not that easy because it seems like I can’t relax if I go without my white paper with tobacco in the middle.

Well the good news is ou can, you just forgot how. I mean completely forgot. Oh sure there will be other reasons like you’re hooked to nicotine and such, you’ve heard them all.

And you may of used those for an excuse to continue smoking. But you know what? People quit smoking all the time regardless of nicotine addiction so lets keep it in perspective right now and take a step at a time.

Think about this, the day before you started smoking and all the time before that, you did just fine relaxing. You didn’t need a white piece of paper to relax. I don’t care if you were 10 years old when you started. You did just fine before then.

Right now you can’t remember what that was like because you focus on the cigarette and nicotine and nothing else.

You can remember, just as you have a natural ability to relax as well as be healthy and breathe again.

Here’s a tip on how to do it. Ask yourself these questions. What was it like to relax without cigarettes before I started smoking. You know what? Even if you can’t remember right now, the more you ask yourself, the more your mind is going to find an answer.

And if you really want to know the answer you will discover it. Just like so many other areas in your life where you ask questions in the beginning and then go on to find an answer, this is no different.

Think about this and do it now!

To find out other ways to stop smoking and how you can do so in the comfort of your own home go to a free hypnosis audio download.

The Benefits of Quitting Smoking

The benefits of quitting smoking are pretty evident but if you really think about it and actually write it down and study your lists it may be instrumental in helping you to finally quit smoking. You can find tons of information on the net detailing medical research into smoking and the effects it has on the body.

The toll it takes not only on your body but the people around you is worth considering. And you can talk and talk till your blue in the face but at the end of the day when you look back at the cigarettes you smoked you understand it’s not really that simple to put them down.

Most smokers not only develop a physical addiction to cigarettes but also a psychological addiction.  This mean that along with the nicotine levels making them want to smoke more, there are other factors like  using smokes in social situations, to control weight, etc.  Over time more and more nicotine will be required by the body to maintain the high that was experienced when the nicotine levels were first introduced.

Thus a smoker will go from a few to 10 to a pack and more. And when they try to quit the nicotine will do whatever it takes to replenish its level, like making the person nervous or a feeling of not being able to relax unless there is smoke in the system.  This is what amplifies the psychological factors of smoking.

And as we all know the more smoking that is experienced over a longer period of time will start to wear and tear on the body’s immune system. And then there’s the matter of your clothes and living areas always smelling of smoke, of course everyone notices except the smokers.  Not only that you always have yellow teeth and the simple act of climbing stairs becomes almost unbearable.

And then there’s the matter of the non smokers in your life, not only is it impolite,  it is now becoming law in many states to the point that it’s really not worth the hassle.  Not to mention smoking around children or pregnant mothers, which is a topic for another article.  So really you could make a list of all the benefits of quitting smoking and it would be much longer than the list of the advantages of smoking. And think of all the money that will be saved.

If you added up all the money spent on smoking cigarettes in your life, you will find that you could have made some major purchases of automobiles and real estate.  This fact alone motivates a lot of people to just give up the smokes.

But sometimes we need a little help to enjoy the benefits of quitting  smoking and what easier way to do it than to listen to an mp3 audio file on how to quit.  Here’s one that has actually helped quite a few people kick the smoking habit once and for all.  You can find it here at

Quit Smoking Time Machine

This technique can be very powerful when you are in a mild state of hypnosis. If nothing else it is food for thought. Our mind delivers messages all the time when it’s time to stop smoking. Could be why you’re reading this page. As your inner mind monitors your different systems it can tell when a train wreck is on the horizon and you start getting that feeling that it might be time to stop.

What I get across to my clients is that this feeling is something to rejoice, that the end of cigarette addiction is just around the corner. With hypnosis you can get the feeling of “Thank God that is out of my life.” Instead of the feeling that your giving up your relaxing cigarettes. This is the turning point.

Watch this movie and let it sink in:

Remember the day you stop smoking for good, your lungs start rebuilding themselves. Just give them a break and let your body do what it does naturally. Every day in every way you start feeling better and better. People quit smoking all the time, you’re no different.

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Someone you know quit smoking?

There was an article today that from Associated Press talking about how researchers
conducted test to show that a smoker is more likely to kick their smoking habit
if a spouse, co-worker, friend or sibling did.

Quitting in groups is what the article is about and it discusses the psychology of it.

It’s the old peer system. If you think about it, that is how you start smoking, the
peer system. Your cool friends, a respected adult or even a movie star or rock star
is puffing away in film and photographs. This has a profound effect on anyone’s judgment and then ad in the desire to fit in and click goes the lighter and you’re puffing away.

Problem is over time some people put them down others keep puffing.

Researchers are also finding the same data with obesity but that is another blog post but
the group effect still applies.

As a hypnotist that works with smokers and has studied this subject for years, I find
the sub-conscious mind has the ability to model someone that has quit smoking.

By this I mean your subconscious picks up information that your conscious mind is not aware of when there is a desire to do something like stop smoking. In hypnosis or out your inner mind can collect the informational resources that you can use to quit smoking yourself.

Add to this mix the deep desire to achieve the desired outcome and the subconscious will perform like it always does. Finding ways that your conscious mind is either not aware of
or you suddenly remember something that will work perfectly for you.

Using hypnosis makes this whole process quicker and more focused so there is less withdrawal time.

As I tell my clients it’s going from missing your best friend to “thank God that is out of my life”, that makes the ride smoother.

Contact me for more info if you desire to stop smoking.

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Start Meditation, Stop Smoking Review

Recently I was able to read an interesting ebook by Dada Vedaprajinananda. If you want to learn about meditation this is definitely a detailed intro. Now most of the smokers that I deal with may not be ready for something this informative. But I do have some that a journey that this ebook provides might be just the thing.

Even if you don’t get into meditation as deep as Dada Vedaprajinananda is prepared to take you, I think you would still find the tools that you would need to quit smoking. In a way you could look at your unwanted smoking habit as an entrance way into meditation, so in the long run all the money you’re wasting on cigarettes has actually led to something much deeper. And definitely more healthier.

The audio file in this ebook is worth the price alone. It is one of the most trance inducing files I believe I have ever heard and it is very spiritual. You can find this ebook at this link: Click Here!

According to Dada, “The smoking habit can’t coexist in a mind that has become peaceful and balanced due to the regular practice of meditation and yoga.”

“In fact, I never tell anyone to ‘stop smoking’” Dada explained. “Rather I tell them ‘start meditation’” he said. According to Dada, if someone practices simple meditation and yoga exercises on a daily basis, he or she will be able, within in a short period of time, to simply decide to stop smoking once and for all.

Instructions on how to use meditation and yoga to break the smoking habit have been laid out in Dada’s new ebook “Start Meditation, Stop Smoking”, which is available online at  Click Here for more information on how to use meditation to quit smoking!

The new ebook is in PDF format and includes photographs, audio files and links to online videos making it possible for readers to learn meditation and yoga at home.

Quit Smoking Mr. Cigarette

Are you thinking of giving up your best friend, Mr. Cigarette? At this point in time do you think it’s bigger than you are?

Really it’s not,it just seems that quitting smoking is some big insurmountable task.
It’s really because you have your blinders on and only see one alternative, and that is smoking. There are many ways to relax and you did just fine before you started smoking.

In this article I won’t go in to why you started smoking, I think it best to discuss finding a way out.

Because you know people quit smoking all the time and they use various methods to do it. One very good way is hypnosis because we’re dealing with an unconscious process. A habit that still fires even know we may not really even want a cigarette.

We all know the dangers of smoking. Spend ten minutes on the internet. But we still have this habit that has a way of getting it’s own way just because it’s a habit and nothing else.

You know what? Habits can be replaced with new habits. We do it all the time. You had habits 3 years ago, you don’t have now. Why not? Because you found something else that was better.

So how you go about breaking a habit that seems to have a mind of it’s own?

Hypnosis is a very good way to break a habit and on this website you’re going to get all kinds of useful tips on how to do this.

A place to start is to make up your mind. Don’t beat yourself up if a habit wins out sometimes in the beginning. Make up your mind that no one, especially a little white piece of paper containing deadly chemicals is going to control my life.

This is a good place to start. To start thinking differently.

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