Start Meditation, Stop Smoking Review

Recently I was able to read an interesting ebook by Dada Vedaprajinananda. If you want to learn about meditation this is definitely a detailed intro. Now most of the smokers that I deal with may not be ready for something this informative. But I do have some that a journey that this ebook provides might be just the thing.

Even if you don’t get into meditation as deep as Dada Vedaprajinananda is prepared to take you, I think you would still find the tools that you would need to quit smoking. In a way you could look at your unwanted smoking habit as an entrance way into meditation, so in the long run all the money you’re wasting on cigarettes has actually led to something much deeper. And definitely more healthier.

The audio file in this ebook is worth the price alone. It is one of the most trance inducing files I believe I have ever heard and it is very spiritual. You can find this ebook at this link: Click Here!

According to Dada, “The smoking habit can’t coexist in a mind that has become peaceful and balanced due to the regular practice of meditation and yoga.”

“In fact, I never tell anyone to ‘stop smoking’” Dada explained. “Rather I tell them ‘start meditation’” he said. According to Dada, if someone practices simple meditation and yoga exercises on a daily basis, he or she will be able, within in a short period of time, to simply decide to stop smoking once and for all.

Instructions on how to use meditation and yoga to break the smoking habit have been laid out in Dada’s new ebook “Start Meditation, Stop Smoking”, which is available online at  Click Here for more information on how to use meditation to quit smoking!

The new ebook is in PDF format and includes photographs, audio files and links to online videos making it possible for readers to learn meditation and yoga at home.

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  1. admin says:

    Thanks for the post, I feel if more people got into meditation they could skip right over their bad habits.

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