How to stop smoking

Smoking cigarettes is, for many people, an introduction to hypnosis. What do I mean by this? If you are one of the many people who think that smoking is relaxing, you’re already experiencing a smoking trance. We know the effects that cigarette smoke has on the body, such as increased heart rate and constricted blood vessels, but at the same time the mind is convinced that smoking is relaxing.

Another thing that comes into play is the power of suggestion.

Think of all the messages that told you smoking is relaxing, whether they were from friends or advertisements. So in a way you very well understand the energy the mind has over the body. Why not use this same energy to forget about smoking? Realize cigarettes are not your best friend.

It is good to understand how you started smoking. Were you inspired by media heroes, your peers, other family members? When you reflect, you can realize how the reason for smoking mutated over time into other areas of your life. For instance, it turned into a way to control weight, the ability to relax, to create social situations, or to reward yourself for a job well done. What a smoker forgets is that all of these results can be attained without smoking.

Some smokers report a euphoric high from cigarettes and life without it seems dull. This of course can be obtained from other sources. For instance if you get a “high” from cigarettes it could be nothing more than this is the only time you take a deep breath. Take deep breaths without a cigarette and feel how it affects you. Think how it will be when you get your lungs back and you can exercise more often and breath deeper naturally.

You can reach the point that you have a deep feeling of “enough is enough” as opposed to a feeling that you are giving up something.

It is always good to define goals. For instance, you might imagine what it would be like to be smoke free. How would you feel? How would you imagine yourself in future situations?

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