Child Birth Hypnosis

Hypnosis for child birth is a wonderful process to experience.
The famous hypnotist Dave Elman perfected many hypnotic techniques and
mostly instructed doctors and dentists with his many
ongoing seminars held around the U.S.

In his famous book “Hypnotherapy,” a book for hypnotists. He would
coach his doctor students in the best way in dealing with apprehensive
mothers to be.

The main tip is for the doctor to never use the word hypnosis while
hypnotizing his patient. As a practicing hypnotist I know this is true.
The word hypnosis can conjure up all kinds of bizarre Hollywood scenes.

The doctor can simply uses another term that doesn’t induce
fear of the unknown into the patient. This doesn’t work
for me since my clients know that I’m a hypnotist and this
is what I do. So I usually spend time with my clients to make sure
they understand fact from Hollywood.

Now everyone knows they can do things better when they are
relaxed. This is no different. The more relaxed
the better. The relaxed state of mind is easily accomplished
with hypnosis. An expectant mother using hypnosis is free
of fear and worry and will have the most pleasant
experiences possible.

A lot of women from an early age are exposed to scenes
on TV and movies with pain associated with child birth.
This can be overcome and forgotten using hypnosis. The
relaxed child birth process can progress in natural stages
from one pleasant experience to the next.

If you are interested in hypnosis, ask your doctor if he can
recommend someone in your area. A lot of midwives are trained
in this area also and have been practicing their version for years.

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