Lose weight and keep it off…

It’s usually best if clients build a series of goals that losing weight will allow them to achieve. For instance, a person’s goal might be to wear a bathing suit at the beach, go dancing, or do an active sport, something that they’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Think of a goal as establishing a destination, something you are moving towards. You can know what you don’t want, but when you know exactly what you do want it can make the journey run smoother.

Sometimes clients are unable to actively workout. In this situation hypnosis can be an effective tool in controlling food intake.

The fastest way to controlling weight is diet and getting active in some type of exercise program. If you have trouble staying motivated in your chosen exercise program, you may find out why using hypnosis. Sometimes finding what you really enjoy doing, not what you should do, is all that is necessary for you to stay motivated and enjoy your workout time.

Once the goals are clear, you can work on eating habits and adjusting food intake. There are different ways to approach this. For one client a negative association works with a particular food. Another might find a way to enjoy a taste and be full and satisfied.

If you are the kind of person that sometimes is unaware of the amount you are eating because your attention is elsewhere, this can be explored and brought back into focus using hypnosis.

Everyone these days seems to know what foods are good for them and which ones put on the weight. I do recommend consulting your doctor before any diet change or exercise program.

To change your body you first have to change your mind.

Feel free to email or call and I will be happy to discuss you particular situation and how hypnosis may be the key to your motivation for weight control.

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