Quit Smoking Hypnosis, Mind over Pills

Quit smoking hypnosis, mind over pills

Why is it when you want to quit smoking cigarettes, it seems like the hardest thing in the world? You’ve tried the pills and medications and you were not one of the ones that it worked on. Or you couldn’t afford the doctor visits or the thought of going back for checkups and then the insurance doesn’t cover the medication.

It’s just a little ole white piece of paper with tobacco in the middle. Why does it have such control over your life?

In this article I’m going to give you one piece of information that might change your life and start you down the road of breathing healthy and feeling great again. No more wheezing and being short of breath because you did the most simple task like walking up a flight of stairs.

Ok if you’re still with me I’m sure you’ve heard from family and friends, “just put the cigs down!” Well it’s just not that easy because it seems like I can’t relax if I go without my white paper with tobacco in the middle.

Well the good news is ou can, you just forgot how. I mean completely forgot. Oh sure there will be other reasons like you’re hooked to nicotine and such, you’ve heard them all.

And you may of used those for an excuse to continue smoking. But you know what? People quit smoking all the time regardless of nicotine addiction so lets keep it in perspective right now and take a step at a time.

Think about this, the day before you started smoking and all the time before that, you did just fine relaxing. You didn’t need a white piece of paper to relax. I don’t care if you were 10 years old when you started. You did just fine before then.

Right now you can’t remember what that was like because you focus on the cigarette and nicotine and nothing else.

You can remember, just as you have a natural ability to relax as well as be healthy and breathe again.

Here’s a tip on how to do it. Ask yourself these questions. What was it like to relax without cigarettes before I started smoking. You know what? Even if you can’t remember right now, the more you ask yourself, the more your mind is going to find an answer.

And if you really want to know the answer you will discover it. Just like so many other areas in your life where you ask questions in the beginning and then go on to find an answer, this is no different.

Think about this and do it now!

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