Does Housework Burn Calories?

I work with weight loss clients quite often. Hypnosis is a great tool to find what you love to do to be active. Because as we all know you have to get active and burn calories to have the weight come off, unless of course you’re in a situation where this is not possible.

Most of the time when I’m first contacted, I’ll ask the client if they’re active. Almost every time the answer will be, “of course, my family and work keeps me very active.” So I have to wonder if the calorie intake is greater than the calorie burning in this situation.

I don’t recommend diets or exercise programs, I leave that to the client. I use hypnosis to help the client find what they love to do to be active. Sometimes it’s just a matter of remembering through hypnosis what you used to love to do to be active or discover a new pattern for being active.

There is starting to be more and more products on the market that monitor different aspects of working out. As I find ones that look/sound good, I’ll list them here.

At long last my clients will know for sure if they are busy enough to burn more calories than they are taking in. If they are, great! If not then either less intake or find something you love doing so you will stick with it. Hypnosis is perfect for finding what you love to do.

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