Overcome the Fear of Flying

There’s an old joke that the “fear of flying” is actually a “fear of crashing.” But to a person suffering from this fear it is not very funny.

Overcoming the Fear of Flying is something that hypnosis may
be able to help. There can be many reasons for a person to experience fear
of flying. Sometimes by revisiting the original cause of the fear
you can cancel the fear all together.

How does this happen?

There are many things that can happen in our childhood that can
be so disturbing that a great fear can be generated. Even to the point the inner
mind blocks it from being remembered by the conscious mind.
This is part of the protection circuits of the unconscious mind.

As time passes things can seem fine until it is time to get
on a plane and a deep fear can overcome a person.
Without the ability to remember the original cause, your conscious
mind will search for a reason and often times not find one which
can cause even more anxiety.

Through hypnosis you can experience the ability to revisit the original
cause and examine it by the conscious mind of the adult. A lot of
times this is all that is needed to neutralize this deep seated

One of the components of hypnosis is the ability to retrieve
past experiences that are stored away in the vast memory circuits
of the human brain.

There are times that the mind decides that the event is too traumatizing. It
shuts down the memory so you can function as normal as possible.
But over time you will need to find the root of this fear to overcome
your fear of flying.

There are other methods beside hypnosis regression that are just
as powerful. In your search, know that you will discover
the best one for you. When you find it, it will make sense to your inner wisdom.

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