Stop Smoking Now by Using This One Technique

Getting over the cigarette habit and quitting the smokes for good is sometimes not that hard to do.  I know it’s easy to say when becoming smoke free at times seems like a million miles off.

You’ve may have tried many times before using will power, patches, support groups like friends, ex-smokers, etc. and still went back during the first stressful situation.

Well here is a technique that I found works and if you just give it a chance you might find that it works for you.

What have you got to lose?

It’s been found through research and interviews that successful quitters were successful because they were able to break the pattern of smoking, the habit so to speak of putting the cigarette in their mouth before they had a chance to realize what they were doing.

Let me explain.  We are a creature of habit.  Heard that before?  Well it’s true.  We have many habits or patterns that we do daily that we don’t think about.  In fact we don’t have time to think about it, we’re not built that way.

What would it be like in the morning if you thought through everything you did.

Here’s a scenario of what it would be like. The alarm clock rings and you think. Ok, I hear the alarm clock so I’m going to roll over and reach out my arm and turn it off.  Now I’m going to pull my arm back under the covers and roll over and rest for a second.

Now to roll over I need to put one leg over the other and shift my body weight as I use my shoulder to push in the direction I want to go…

See where I’m going with this?  Hardly anyone does this but their mind is doing this because we learned how to do it long time ago and now it’s a pattern, a habit so to speak that just goes off automatically.

The problem is somewhere in all these patterns we have one called smoking that is we do without thinking and we want to get rid of it because it’s not serving us anymore.

When this pattern fires we may only recognize it as an urge.  And until we satisfy that urge it will keep requesting that we follow through.  So you may get the urge to smoke even know you told yourself an hour ago you wouldn’t.

Here’s how to break the pattern.  Change the other patterns around it.  For instance while quitting smoking sleep on the different side of the bed and get up quickly if you’re one of those people that have to smoke in the morning.

Or another example is if you have to have an after dinner smoke.  Eat in a different place and immediately leave the table after eating.  You’re interrupting many patters and one of them will be the smoking pattern.  You don’t need to this forever, just long enough to quit smoking.

Be creative and come up with all sorts of ways of interrupting your patterns until you can isolate the smoking habit and find ways of interrupting this habit before it can create a desire to smoke.  Before long you’ll find your cigarette cravings just disappear!

Here’s some more techniques to quit smoking!

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