Quit Smoking Time Machine

This technique can be very powerful when you are in a mild state of hypnosis. If nothing else it is food for thought. Our mind delivers messages all the time when it’s time to stop smoking. Could be why you’re reading this page. As your inner mind monitors your different systems it can tell when a train wreck is on the horizon and you start getting that feeling that it might be time to stop.

What I get across to my clients is that this feeling is something to rejoice, that the end of cigarette addiction is just around the corner. With hypnosis you can get the feeling of “Thank God that is out of my life.” Instead of the feeling that your giving up your relaxing cigarettes. This is the turning point.

Watch this movie and let it sink in:

Remember the day you stop smoking for good, your lungs start rebuilding themselves. Just give them a break and let your body do what it does naturally. Every day in every way you start feeling better and better. People quit smoking all the time, you’re no different.

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