The Benefits of Quitting Smoking

The benefits of quitting smoking are pretty evident but if you really think about it and actually write it down and study your lists it may be instrumental in helping you to finally quit smoking. You can find tons of information on the net detailing medical research into smoking and the effects it has on the body.

The toll it takes not only on your body but the people around you is worth considering. And you can talk and talk till your blue in the face but at the end of the day when you look back at the cigarettes you smoked you understand it’s not really that simple to put them down.

Most smokers not only develop a physical addiction to cigarettes but also a psychological addiction.  This mean that along with the nicotine levels making them want to smoke more, there are other factors like  using smokes in social situations, to control weight, etc.  Over time more and more nicotine will be required by the body to maintain the high that was experienced when the nicotine levels were first introduced.

Thus a smoker will go from a few to 10 to a pack and more. And when they try to quit the nicotine will do whatever it takes to replenish its level, like making the person nervous or a feeling of not being able to relax unless there is smoke in the system.  This is what amplifies the psychological factors of smoking.

And as we all know the more smoking that is experienced over a longer period of time will start to wear and tear on the body’s immune system. And then there’s the matter of your clothes and living areas always smelling of smoke, of course everyone notices except the smokers.  Not only that you always have yellow teeth and the simple act of climbing stairs becomes almost unbearable.

And then there’s the matter of the non smokers in your life, not only is it impolite,  it is now becoming law in many states to the point that it’s really not worth the hassle.  Not to mention smoking around children or pregnant mothers, which is a topic for another article.  So really you could make a list of all the benefits of quitting smoking and it would be much longer than the list of the advantages of smoking. And think of all the money that will be saved.

If you added up all the money spent on smoking cigarettes in your life, you will find that you could have made some major purchases of automobiles and real estate.  This fact alone motivates a lot of people to just give up the smokes.

But sometimes we need a little help to enjoy the benefits of quitting  smoking and what easier way to do it than to listen to an mp3 audio file on how to quit.  Here’s one that has actually helped quite a few people kick the smoking habit once and for all.  You can find it here at