Quit Smoking Mr. Cigarette

Are you thinking of giving up your best friend, Mr. Cigarette? At this point in time do you think it’s bigger than you are?

Really it’s not,it just seems that quitting smoking is some big insurmountable task.
It’s really because you have your blinders on and only see one alternative, and that is smoking. There are many ways to relax and you did just fine before you started smoking.

In this article I won’t go in to why you started smoking, I think it best to discuss finding a way out.

Because you know people quit smoking all the time and they use various methods to do it. One very good way is hypnosis because we’re dealing with an unconscious process. A habit that still fires even know we may not really even want a cigarette.

We all know the dangers of smoking. Spend ten minutes on the internet. But we still have this habit that has a way of getting it’s own way just because it’s a habit and nothing else.

You know what? Habits can be replaced with new habits. We do it all the time. You had habits 3 years ago, you don’t have now. Why not? Because you found something else that was better.

So how you go about breaking a habit that seems to have a mind of it’s own?

Hypnosis is a very good way to break a habit and on this website you’re going to get all kinds of useful tips on how to do this.

A place to start is to make up your mind. Don’t beat yourself up if a habit wins out sometimes in the beginning. Make up your mind that no one, especially a little white piece of paper containing deadly chemicals is going to control my life.

This is a good place to start. To start thinking differently.

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