Using hypnosis for child birth

Using hypnosis for surgery and child birth are really
very similar subjects. There is a tendency for someone
to be very apprehensive about the great unknown before them.

With the discovery of the numbing gases by science, except
for stage hypnotist, hypnotism seemed to fall to the wayside.

Now any doctor can tell you the more relaxed their patient
is the better it is for everyone. Relaxation is one of the
benefits of hypnosis so it is a subject that deserves great

If you are a expectant mother and have the opportunity to work
with an experienced hypnotist before your child birth this can be
very rewarding.

There are different levels, so to speak, where you can experience
less and less discomfort. It’s all in your frame of mind, your
level of trance.

For instance everything can be fine until someone asks, “don’t you
feel that?” A natural response is to search for the information
internally and you just might find it.

But if someone never asked, you could continue on your wonderful
journey of less and less discomfort. Waiting with great curiosity
what pleasant feeling you were going to feel next.

It’s all in the mind they say. And with proper guidance and cooperation
you can achieve this state of mind with hypnosis.

2 thoughts on “Using hypnosis for child birth

  1. Lehel says:

    Do you have a specific script that you would use while in delivery? I understand hypnosis and how to guide people through it. I was hoping that I can find a specific script or order or something that could help me guide my wife through delivery using hypnosis. We do not want to use drugs.

  2. admin says:


    Sorry it took awhile to answer. I’m not sure where you are in your hypnosis
    I mention a book in one of the posts by Dave Elman. It is excellent. It’s
    not going to have a script, it gives you a much bigger picture and you go from there.
    Since you have some time, a place to start is addressing any fears your wife
    may have. Once they are eliminated or at least put in perspective, this will help
    regardless of what script or path you take.
    As far as scripts go, I think it would be a matter of reading as many as you
    can and see if one resonates with your wife.

    I’m in the process of putting together information in conjunction with one
    midwife that I live near. She a long time client and is familiar with my work.
    This may eventually evolve into a class that I will teach at the midwife school
    here on The Farm in TN.

    I will be happy to keep you posted so keep in touch.

    and congratulations!


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