Someone you know quit smoking?

There was an article today that from Associated Press talking about how researchers
conducted test to show that a smoker is more likely to kick their smoking habit
if a spouse, co-worker, friend or sibling did.

Quitting in groups is what the article is about and it discusses the psychology of it.

It’s the old peer system. If you think about it, that is how you start smoking, the
peer system. Your cool friends, a respected adult or even a movie star or rock star
is puffing away in film and photographs. This has a profound effect on anyone’s judgment and then ad in the desire to fit in and click goes the lighter and you’re puffing away.

Problem is over time some people put them down others keep puffing.

Researchers are also finding the same data with obesity but that is another blog post but
the group effect still applies.

As a hypnotist that works with smokers and has studied this subject for years, I find
the sub-conscious mind has the ability to model someone that has quit smoking.

By this I mean your subconscious picks up information that your conscious mind is not aware of when there is a desire to do something like stop smoking. In hypnosis or out your inner mind can collect the informational resources that you can use to quit smoking yourself.

Add to this mix the deep desire to achieve the desired outcome and the subconscious will perform like it always does. Finding ways that your conscious mind is either not aware of
or you suddenly remember something that will work perfectly for you.

Using hypnosis makes this whole process quicker and more focused so there is less withdrawal time.

As I tell my clients it’s going from missing your best friend to “thank God that is out of my life”, that makes the ride smoother.

Contact me for more info if you desire to stop smoking.

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