Hypnosis Trance

What is a hypnosis trance? To me it’s a redundant term. At the time of this writing I don’t see a definition in Wikipedia. If I gave it a definition it would be the different stages of hypnosis. For instance light trance, medium trance, deep trance, etc.

More importantly is how can it help someone. I remember reading about the great Dr. Erickson and how he used to view films of ancient ritual dancing by an indigenous people from a faraway place. He would view the film for research and pick out the people that were really in trance and the ones that were following the leader or playing like they were in trance.

He would say it was quite easy. The ones in a trance had no wasted muscle movement, everything was streamline and fluid. Like a finely tuned athlete that is at the top of their game. Every thing is on automatic pilot. The conscious mind doesn’t interfere at all because the inner program works perfectly. This is a hypnosis trance that can serve us well.

The ones that don’t serve us well get our attention. Like smoking or nervous eating or nail biting. A trance going on outside of our conscious awareness that needs improvement or changing..

You can always use a hypnosis trance to arrange this program to serve in a more positive manner.

Losing Weight with Hypnosis (images/feelings)

Have you ever thought about dreams that you have during the night? If we are to assume that in a dream the inner mind is communicating with the conscious mind, what is the language it’s using? Does it yell out, “Hey, listen to me for a second, I’ve got something important to discuss with you.”

Maybe yours does but mine doesn’t. First of all it would just kind of be reporting in, second, it would use images and feelings. Very rarely words. Images and feelings is the language of the inner mind most of the time.

What this article is focusing on is using this language in reverse. For instance if we were to imagine ourselves 20 lbs lighter, what would we look like? How would our clothes fit? You have to use your imagination to do this, let it run wild. Focus on the details, what clothing would fit and how would it fit, and how would it feel to achieve this.

Now we’re talking the language that the inner mind understands. It’s starting to get the blueprint down. And you know what? If it has an objection or thinking that runs against the grain on this “new you,” it will let you know. In a way that is just right for you.

Let’s take an example. You see/feel yourself 20 lbs lighter in the months ahead. You focus on this and really get into it.

By doing this questions will arise. How do I do this? With a plan.
What plan? One that is safe and right for you. You will find it.

Now if my doctor says I’m able to join an exercise program, which one? One that you will enjoy. Which one is that?

Your inner mind is getting into the picture now, it may suggest something that you haven’t done in a long time. The first thought that pops up may be: “oh that’s silly, I can’t do that at my age”. Oh yea, who says?

Now you’re getting the picture, and your inner mind is getting the picture and together you will discover new ways, exciting ways to stay on your diet, to eat healthy, to have fun exercising, it’s endless. And it all started with your imagination.

You know there’s a lot of nice, wonderful things in life that started in someone’s imagination… maybe in your imagination.

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My TV the Hypnotist Part 1

Sometimes I think my TV is just as good at hypnosis as I am. In fact I know it is…

When I’m asked what hypnotism is, part of the answer that comes to mind is a TV set.
(I think the term now is home media center or wide screen but you get the picture.)

One part of the definition of hypnosis is: critical factor bypass. This means “if” the conscious mind with all its ability to question and judge information presented to it is bypassed. The subconscious/inner mind is then susceptible to a suggestion.

Lets’ take one analogy and compare it to your TV… if you’re watching a commercial with a funny script, say someone in a compromising position, doing something funny, etc. while you’re occupied with being entertained there will be an announcer telling you how great there product is, the benefits, what it can do, be sure to look for it, it goes on and on….how many of these suggestions got in while you were distracted?

Do you sleepwalk like a robot and go immediately to buy the product? No

Are you still protected by your conscious mind? Of course.

The point here is a seed is planted and like a suggestion or a positive statement that you say to yourself over and over. If this suggestion is repeated enough and you’re in the market for it, guess which product you’re going to be drawn to? The one from the commercial or the one with a limited advertising budget?

Now this is just one example of many.

To be continued…

Someone you know quit smoking?

There was an article today that from Associated Press talking about how researchers
conducted test to show that a smoker is more likely to kick their smoking habit
if a spouse, co-worker, friend or sibling did.

Quitting in groups is what the article is about and it discusses the psychology of it.

It’s the old peer system. If you think about it, that is how you start smoking, the
peer system. Your cool friends, a respected adult or even a movie star or rock star
is puffing away in film and photographs. This has a profound effect on anyone’s judgment and then ad in the desire to fit in and click goes the lighter and you’re puffing away.

Problem is over time some people put them down others keep puffing.

Researchers are also finding the same data with obesity but that is another blog post but
the group effect still applies.

As a hypnotist that works with smokers and has studied this subject for years, I find
the sub-conscious mind has the ability to model someone that has quit smoking.

By this I mean your subconscious picks up information that your conscious mind is not aware of when there is a desire to do something like stop smoking. In hypnosis or out your inner mind can collect the informational resources that you can use to quit smoking yourself.

Add to this mix the deep desire to achieve the desired outcome and the subconscious will perform like it always does. Finding ways that your conscious mind is either not aware of
or you suddenly remember something that will work perfectly for you.

Using hypnosis makes this whole process quicker and more focused so there is less withdrawal time.

As I tell my clients it’s going from missing your best friend to “thank God that is out of my life”, that makes the ride smoother.

Contact me for more info if you desire to stop smoking. gleg@usit.net

weight loss stop smoking

Napoleon Hill Directing the sub-conscious

Jasbales on Youtube has posted this dated video of Napoleon Hill. He is the man that wrote ” Think and Grow Rich”. What I would like to focus on in this rare video is how he talks about controlling your own mind and the advantages of doing this.

I would like to break it down further and apply it to something like ” being smoke free” for example or “losing weight”. Not that the bigger picture that he talks about is not important but sometimes when you use your own mind to overcome bad habits, this can be a stepping stone to the larger picture.

Writing things down for example is an excellent way for the inner mind to get it’s blueprint. As I tell all my clients, “you know what you don’t want, tell the inner mind what you do want”. Armed with this information the inner mind starts finding solutions to a pressing problem like smoking.

To find what you do want you have to use your imagination. This is an important key to hypnosis. The inner mind responds, whether the concept is real or imagined. Think about this for a moment.

If you can see, feel, hear, smell what it would like to be smoke free, or be at that perfect weight , this is the new you. The you of the future, and by using hypnosis you can speed up this process to where you are thinking “from” the future, not “of it”.