Hypnosis Trance

What is a hypnosis trance? To me it’s a redundant term. At the time of this writing I don’t see a definition in Wikipedia. If I gave it a definition it would be the different stages of hypnosis. For instance light trance, medium trance, deep trance, etc.

More importantly is how can it help someone. I remember reading about the great Dr. Erickson and how he used to view films of ancient ritual dancing by an indigenous people from a faraway place. He would view the film for research and pick out the people that were really in trance and the ones that were following the leader or playing like they were in trance.

He would say it was quite easy. The ones in a trance had no wasted muscle movement, everything was streamline and fluid. Like a finely tuned athlete that is at the top of their game. Every thing is on automatic pilot. The conscious mind doesn’t interfere at all because the inner program works perfectly. This is a hypnosis trance that can serve us well.

The ones that don’t serve us well get our attention. Like smoking or nervous eating or nail biting. A trance going on outside of our conscious awareness that needs improvement or changing..

You can always use a hypnosis trance to arrange this program to serve in a more positive manner.

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