Have you ever thought about dreams that you have during the night? If we are to assume that in a dream the inner mind is communicating with the conscious mind, what is the language it's using? Does it yell out, "Hey, listen to me for a second, I've got something important to discuss with you."

Maybe yours does but mine doesn't. First of all it would just kind of be reporting in, second, it would use images and feelings. Very rarely words. Images and feelings is the language of the inner mind most of the time.

What this article is focusing on is using this language in reverse. For instance if we were to imagine ourselves 20 lbs lighter, what would we look like? How would our clothes fit? You have to use your imagination to do this, let it run wild. Focus on the details, what clothing would fit and how would it fit, and how would it feel to achieve this.

Now we're talking the language that the inner mind understands. It's starting to get the blueprint down. And you know what? If it has an objection or thinking that runs against the grain on this "new you," it will let you know. In a way that is just right for you.

Let's take an example. You see/feel yourself 20 lbs lighter in the months ahead. You focus on this and really get into it.

By doing this questions will arise. How do I do this? With a plan.
What plan? One that is safe and right for you. You will find it.

Now if my doctor says I'm able to join an exercise program, which one? One that you will enjoy. Which one is that?

Your inner mind is getting into the picture now, it may suggest something that you haven't done in a long time. The first thought that pops up may be: "oh that's silly, I can't do that at my age". Oh yea, who says?

Now you're getting the picture, and your inner mind is getting the picture and together you will discover new ways, exciting ways to stay on your diet, to eat healthy, to have fun exercising, it's endless. And it all started with your imagination.

You know there's a lot of nice, wonderful things in life that started in someone's imagination... maybe in your imagination.

Yes, you can loose weight with hypnosis. People have been doing it for years. It's really not hard to do. You have to really want to lose weight but most of my clients do. Now some want to sit on the couch and eat fat foods and wait and see if that "hypnotism stuff" works.

The first thing you learn about hypnosis is it's not mind control, regardless of what you see on the net. Unless you want your mind to be controlled by yourself, to be laser focused on the issue at hand, like losing those extra pounds.

This is where hypnosis is most effective, is when you show up to your session with the mindset that " I'm going to do this and nothing, not even myself is going to stop me." You do your part, you allow your inner mind to be programmed with the most positive suggestions and images concerning your issue like weight loss. You "KNOW" it will work, not " I sure hope this works".

When you have that frame of mind nothing will stop you. You will find ways to be excited about working out or being active. You will find ways to stay focused on the new image of your body. All you need is a little help from a good hypnotist to find the inner treasures and do get rid of the negative programming.

I'm in the process of making a new weight loss download mp3's and remembered just how important it is to set a goal. Things just keep happening to take me away from the recordings. Then I remembered that I hadn't defined my goal well enough.

Even with something like a recording project, if I have a goal of an end time, write it down and adjust my schedule it comes to pass. Of course this is nothing new and any successful weight loss client knows exactly what it will be like when they are the desired weight.

The first part of the recording is explaining how the inner mind is always waiting for it's marching orders, it's blueprint if you will. Once it has that, the unconscious mind will find ways to make it come about.

Think about this for a moment. You know what you don't want. For instance you know you don't want to have excess weight to carry around. Ok, we know that, but what do you want? Have you thought about that? What exactly do you want?

This is what I'm talking about. Knowing what you "do" want, not what you don't want. This is an important first step. In my new recordings I explain in detail how you go about finding what you want and amplifying it to the point that your inner mind is more than happy to get the ball rolling and bring your goal into reality.

So, what exactly do you want concerning your weight loss, what is your important weight loss goal?

Sometimes I think my TV is just as good at hypnosis as I am. In fact I know it is...

When I'm asked what hypnotism is, part of the answer that comes to mind is a TV set.
(I think the term now is home media center or wide screen but you get the picture.)

One part of the definition of hypnosis is: critical factor bypass. This means "if" the conscious mind with all its ability to question and judge information presented to it is bypassed. The subconscious/inner mind is then susceptible to a suggestion.

Lets' take one analogy and compare it to your TV... if you're watching a commercial with a funny script, say someone in a compromising position, doing something funny, etc. while you're occupied with being entertained there will be an announcer telling you how great there product is, the benefits, what it can do, be sure to look for it, it goes on and on....how many of these suggestions got in while you were distracted?

Do you sleepwalk like a robot and go immediately to buy the product? No

Are you still protected by your conscious mind? Of course.

The point here is a seed is planted and like a suggestion or a positive statement that you say to yourself over and over. If this suggestion is repeated enough and you’re in the market for it, guess which product you’re going to be drawn to? The one from the commercial or the one with a limited advertising budget?

Now this is just one example of many.

To be continued…

At the beginning of your visit you will fill out a short intake form. I will need to know if you are presently under a medical professionals care and if there are any health issues that may interfere with the session. We will then discuss your particular issue in more detail. Also, we will talk for a while about hypnosis, so I can alleviate any fears or misconceptions you might have.

I have found that once people are better informed about hypnosis and how the session works, they understand that they will be relaxed, alert and in control. The techniques I use to induce relaxation and bring about the desired changes are based on the individual’s needs. The session normally lasts from 1 to 2 hours on the first visit. Follow-up sessions, if needed, are usually shorter.

Nothing happens in a hypnosis session unless you are in full agreement. There has to be a bond between the hypnotist and the client. Think of it as a contract in which you as the client will do what is asked to facilitate the session for a positive outcome. In this process you will start to realize what hypnosis is and how you are really the one in control. The hypnotist actually becomes a guide to keep you on the path to where you want to go. After awhile you will discover that you can do self-hypnosis anytime. I usually work this into sessions as we go along, so you will learn the techniques that are right for you. Of course there are situations where you will need the experience of a skilled hypnotist to keep you heading towards your goal.

You can discover new ways to stay centered and stress free with your own self-hypnosis program. I can make personal audio CD's specifically tuned to your needs. Contact me for details.