Affects of Smoking video not gross

This video is about the only one I could find that wasn’t that gross. I like it because it can make you think. Most clients that I’ve had over the years had seen all the gross pictures. Just spend 5 min. on YouTube and you will see some disgusting pictures of people that smoked cigarettes for years.

But you know what? Very few people stop because of pictures or movies. Any smoker can tell you that they need to quit but they still light up. When a client comes in and says to me, “Well, I’m 32 now and I hear if I quit now my lungs have a good chance of recovering, etc.”

That tells me there is hope but there’s no burning desire. Like anything else in life, if you want it bad enough your unconscious mind will find a way. Mix in an experienced hypnotist and you can overcome any addictive issue in a lot less time.

It’s just a bad habit mixed with a easy to remove addiction. Think about that as you watch this video.

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