How to Lose Weight

This is a very interesting movie about raw food which is very popular right now. I always recommend checking with your medical adviser before starting any diet. With that said, what intrigues me about this movie is the young lady that wanted to leave at first but has a late night revelation. “Now my mind is allowing my body to heal.”

I don’t know what experience she had but a lot of times the unconscious mind talks to us in dreams. The important thing is now her mind is on board with her program and she becomes unstoppable. It’s the old saying, change your mind and every thing else will follow.

Using the imagination in setting your goal, in this case weight loss, starts the whole process. This gives your unconscious mind a blueprint to work with. It’s a matter of knowing what you do want, your inner mind already knows what you don’t want.

Raw Food is very hot and popular right now. It seems more and more people are hearing the message. Another fine example is even Walmart is selling organic food and their sales are skyrocketing. So hopefully this trend will continue and Walmart starts buying their organic vegetables from local farmers.

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