Mind Training

I was reading a very interesting article by Associated Press by Kevin Maurer. The article was covering a program at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

One person is sitting on the floor, eyes closed listening to someone in a soft voice making suggestions while guitar music hums in the background. Sound familiar? I kept reading because this definitely peaked my interest.

Went on to talk about this process is an ancient form of meditation used by warriors. I would state it’s also been used for eons by non warriors also. Regardless, if it’s helping people to recover, I’m all for it no matter what words are used to describe it.

Hypnosis, meditation, mind training. In some ways they are all connected. The ability to focus on the issue at hand or to defocus on an issue that is out of hand.

Reminds me of an article earlier about how certain marines are using yoga to stay loose physically. Even know traditional yoga is focused more on mind than body, the western sect focuses more on body.

So the good thing about all this, what was considered woo woo not too long ago is now becoming mainstream. Maybe this is part of the paradigm shift we’ve heard so much about.