Online Self Hypnosis

In one of the lessons from the newsletter I discussed the blackboard routine and how you count backwards. In this blog post I will discuss this process a little more in detail so you can know there are many ways to do self-hypnosis, it’s just a matter of finding what works for you.

If I were to tell a client, imagine you’re standing before a blackboard and writing numbers on it. Some people will see themselves standing at a black board, some will be associated to their person and looking out and seeing their hand writing or even someone else’s hand writing.

They may not “see” anything. That is ok, what would it be like to feel the chalk as you write numbers and then feel the eraser as you erase? What would it smell like? What would it sound like? Do you understand what I’m saying here? Everyone senses are different as far as when they use their imagination.

Find which one works for you, maybe they all work for you. If you can’t locate what does work for you then remember a time you were standing at a blackboard in school and make it up from there or remember a teacher that you used to watch write on a blackboard.

If you use your imagination and know that this scene could come to you in any number of ways using any of your sensory input then you will do just fine.

The main thing is the numbers, not the scene at this point. Have the numbers being written and then erased. We are slowing down the conscious mind.

If this blog posts doesn’t make a lot of sense to you at this point, you can always subscribe to the newsletter and find how it fits in. In the lessons I discuss how this process has the effect of slowing down the conscious mind so the part of the mind that is not conscious can become stronger.

Remember, imagination is the key, let it run wild!