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The best way to lose weight once and for all is the ability to handle the inner dialog that goes on after you start your weight loss program. In this post I’ll explain the process and how you can overcome any resistance for old thoughts that no longer serve you.

You start a diet, you’re going to lose stomach fat once and for all, you get the latest weight loss products, the doc’s go ahead, all the right foods, even your own personal coach or at least a place to work out.

All is well for a couple of weeks and then the little thoughts start. You know the ones, put it off till tomorrow, you can exercise then. Or there is something that “seems” more important and before you know it you’re back on the couch eating ding dongs.

Because the exercising is turning into work and you’re not keeping your goal of the new you fresh in your mind. So you’re thoughts start wondering, finding something more interesting for you to do than to work out.

Think about this, if you’re workout is turning into a daily grind, where did the excitement go? You quit constructing your blueprint by losing site of your goal. So all the pieces that were in place when you started your diet, your workout program start coming apart.

It’s really a simple matter of staying focused. That is why some diet programs have you report in and they make a big party using the support system of other dieters. If you have access to this support great, if not, you can still stay focused.

One way is to continually use your imagination to think about the new you, what it will be like in the future when those stomach fat is gone or whatever it is your working on. So keep in mind that new you, refresh your goal energy. Nourish your thoughts the same way you nourish your body and you will experience the outcome just the way you thought it would be.

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One thought on “Lose Weight Fast Starts Here

  1. admin says:

    Hello Appesat,

    Good point, what happens a lot of times is the originating problem makes itself known by doing the above technique. OR by creating a desired result the old destructive behavior is simply overwritten and in it’s place a better behavior is installed.

    From what I’ve seen, you don’t have to revisit or know original causes of behavior in all situations. Just present the Unconscious mind with a better option and it takes that path. Especially when it’s just a bad habit.


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