Excerpt from ABC News Medical Unit by AUDREY GRAYSON

In a survey of 679 general internal medicine physicians and rheumatologists, researchers from the National Institutes of Health found that about half of the doctors admitted to prescribing placebo treatments without informing the patient.

I find this very interesting because to me it proves that doctors understand the power of the mind.  And they use it to benefit their patients.

It's the old saying, what the mind expects to happen tends to be realized.  When you know something is true as opposed to I "think" this is true, or I "hope" this is true you will experience a much different outcome.

If you're convinced that the little blue pill will fix your ills, most of the time it will regardless of what it is.

The doctor knowing his patient will do this sometimes. I'm not sure it happens so much these days but there are reports on the web if you look around. I would rather have a placebo my self than take a prescription because of all the side effects that can be experienced.

Look at double bind tests that are used in drug trials. People actually do something like grow hair because the are "convinced" they are taking something that grows hair. In a double bind the person giving the test doesn't even know it's a placebo usually so that means he cannot give unconscious signals to the placebo taker that it is a placebo.

And lo and behold the person grows hair. Maybe they were anyway or maybe they did because they were convinced they were taking something that grows hair and their inner mind decided to go along with the command. It was within it's ability to grow hair so it did. Now it wouldn't grow another foot, now would it? Of course not because it never had that ability but it did know how to grow hair.

Your inner mind knew how to do that, it remembered how to do it and it did it...it's so natural. It's the doubting conscious mind that gets in the way and stops things...or it's a past decision buried in the subconscious mind that something should happen or not happen.

If you decide at a deep level then so it is...

Just like your inner mind can remember when you were thin and just how you did it and just what satisfied you. The same for it smoking, it remembers that you did fine and enjoyed yourself the day before you smoked your first cigarette and how you never had a feeling that you couldn't get along without it. Think about these things. Your inner mind remembers very well.

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