Sometimes I think my TV is just as good at hypnosis as I am. In fact I know it is...

When I'm asked what hypnotism is, part of the answer that comes to mind is a TV set.
(I think the term now is home media center or wide screen but you get the picture.)

One part of the definition of hypnosis is: critical factor bypass. This means "if" the conscious mind with all its ability to question and judge information presented to it is bypassed. The subconscious/inner mind is then susceptible to a suggestion.

Lets' take one analogy and compare it to your TV... if you're watching a commercial with a funny script, say someone in a compromising position, doing something funny, etc. while you're occupied with being entertained there will be an announcer telling you how great there product is, the benefits, what it can do, be sure to look for it, it goes on and many of these suggestions got in while you were distracted?

Do you sleepwalk like a robot and go immediately to buy the product? No

Are you still protected by your conscious mind? Of course.

The point here is a seed is planted and like a suggestion or a positive statement that you say to yourself over and over. If this suggestion is repeated enough and you’re in the market for it, guess which product you’re going to be drawn to? The one from the commercial or the one with a limited advertising budget?

Now this is just one example of many.

To be continued…

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