Yes, you can loose weight with hypnosis. People have been doing it for years. It's really not hard to do. You have to really want to lose weight but most of my clients do. Now some want to sit on the couch and eat fat foods and wait and see if that "hypnotism stuff" works.

The first thing you learn about hypnosis is it's not mind control, regardless of what you see on the net. Unless you want your mind to be controlled by yourself, to be laser focused on the issue at hand, like losing those extra pounds.

This is where hypnosis is most effective, is when you show up to your session with the mindset that " I'm going to do this and nothing, not even myself is going to stop me." You do your part, you allow your inner mind to be programmed with the most positive suggestions and images concerning your issue like weight loss. You "KNOW" it will work, not " I sure hope this works".

When you have that frame of mind nothing will stop you. You will find ways to be excited about working out or being active. You will find ways to stay focused on the new image of your body. All you need is a little help from a good hypnotist to find the inner treasures and do get rid of the negative programming.

I'm in the process of making a new weight loss download mp3's and remembered just how important it is to set a goal. Things just keep happening to take me away from the recordings. Then I remembered that I hadn't defined my goal well enough.

Even with something like a recording project, if I have a goal of an end time, write it down and adjust my schedule it comes to pass. Of course this is nothing new and any successful weight loss client knows exactly what it will be like when they are the desired weight.

The first part of the recording is explaining how the inner mind is always waiting for it's marching orders, it's blueprint if you will. Once it has that, the unconscious mind will find ways to make it come about.

Think about this for a moment. You know what you don't want. For instance you know you don't want to have excess weight to carry around. Ok, we know that, but what do you want? Have you thought about that? What exactly do you want?

This is what I'm talking about. Knowing what you "do" want, not what you don't want. This is an important first step. In my new recordings I explain in detail how you go about finding what you want and amplifying it to the point that your inner mind is more than happy to get the ball rolling and bring your goal into reality.

So, what exactly do you want concerning your weight loss, what is your important weight loss goal?

When you're ready to lose weight, do you know how much? Do you use the wait and see approach or do you know exactly? You know and I know the ones that will lose the weight know exactly how much they want to lose and they lose it.

Now how you go about it may not be perfectly clear but knowing how much is the critical first step.

Because you're giving the inner mind something to work with, something definite. You see this is the language it understands, being literal. Now it has it's blueprint. When you say, "gee, I would like to lose weight", the inner mind has no idea how much so it just bounces off one idea to the next.

When you say, "I'm going to lose 25lbs, in a safe amount of time and I'm going to wear that blue dress that's hanging in the back of the closet." Now we got something definite.

Start engaging all the senses in seeing the future you, or feeling the future you. Hearing what people will say, but most important feeling that inner gusto of achieving your goal. Kind of like melding the future you into who you are now. "Think from it, not of it."

How it happens is where hypnosis and your inner mind comes in to make it an easier journey.

The best way to make it happen quickly is to have a clear picture or feeling and know exactly how much you're going to lose. It's that simple, and you know the old saying, the journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step...enjoy your journey!

Jasbales on Youtube has posted this dated video of Napoleon Hill. He is the man that wrote " Think and Grow Rich". What I would like to focus on in this rare video is how he talks about controlling your own mind and the advantages of doing this.

I would like to break it down further and apply it to something like " being smoke free" for example or "losing weight". Not that the bigger picture that he talks about is not important but sometimes when you use your own mind to overcome bad habits, this can be a stepping stone to the larger picture.

They took down Directing the Subconscious as a title but this is very similar.

Video Transcript

now then it clicked on LI let's not only difficult person see exactly what it means twice the starting point of all achievement because it is a starting point of all individual achievements and a definite purpose must be accompanied by a definite plan for entertainment followed by appropriate action now you have to have a purpose you have to have a plan and you have to start putting that plan into action and ladies and gentlemen it's not too important that your plan be found it is nothing in fact it's not too important because if you find that you have adopted a plan that's not sound is not working you can always changed you can modify your plan but it is very important that you be definite about what it is you're going after what your purpose is that must be very definite there can be no if strands about it and you see before you get through this lesson why it's got to be definite now just to understand this philosophy to read it or hear me talk about it wouldn't be a very much value to you that value will come when you begin to form your own patterns out of this philosophy and put it into work in your daily lives in your business in your profession during your jobs are in your human relations that's rather benefits will really come the second premise all individual achievements are the results of a motive or a combination of loadings I just want to impress upon you that you have no right to ask anybody to do anything at any time without what without giving that person and adequate motive and incidentally that's the work on the roof of all salesmanship the ability to plant in the mind of the prospect of bar and adequate motive for his mind learning to deal with people of my driving in their minds adequate movies father doing the things that you want them to do now there are a lot of people who call themselves salesman who have never heard of the nine basic motives who do not know they have no right to ask for sale until they have planted a motive in the vines of the buyer for his by the third premise and dominating idea plan or purpose held in the mind through repetition of thought any dominating idea plan or purpose held in the mind through repetition of thought and emotional I'd with a burning desire for its realization is taken over by the subconscious section of the mind and acted upon through whatever natural and logical means that may be available now in that paragraph you've got a tremendous lesson in psychology if you want the mind to pick up an idea and to form a habit show that the mind will automatically act upon that idea you've got to tell the mind what you want over and over and over again no end to it when mr. Cooney came over here some years ago with his famous formula day by day in every way I'm getting better and better and he cured thousands of people but a very great number more than that he didn't cure and I wonder if you would know why there was no desire there was no feeling for the end of that statement you might just as well blow in the wind as to make a statement unless you put some feeling back of it unless you believe it and incidentally if you tell yourself anything often enough you'll get to where you will believe it malai good fit but just funny isn't it what happens to be true you know there are people who tell LOL little white lies and sometimes not so why let at that until I get why they believe themselves now the subconscious mind doesn't doesn't know the difference between right or wrong it doesn't know the difference between positive and negative it doesn't know the difference between a penny or a million dollars it doesn't know the difference between success and failure it lacks up any state with it you keep repeating to it my thoughts are my words or by any other means and incidentally it's up to you in the beginning to lay out your definite purpose write it out so that it can be understood memorize it and start repeating it day in and day out into your subconscious mind picked it up and automatically active pond now this is going to take a little time you can't expect to undo it overnight watch yourself what you've been doing your subconscious mind they're back down through the years by allowing negative thoughts to get into it you can expect that to happen overnight but you will find that you emotionalize any plan that you sent over to your subconscious mind and repeated in the state of enthusiasm and back it up with a spirit of faith if you do that the subconscious mind not only acts more quickly but it acts more definitely and more positively

Writing things down for example is an excellent way for the inner mind to get it's blueprint. As I tell all my clients, "you know what you don't want, tell the inner mind what you do want". Armed with this information the inner mind starts finding solutions to a pressing problem like smoking.

To find what you do want you have to use your imagination. This is an important key to hypnosis. The inner mind responds, whether the concept is real or imagined. Think about this for a moment.

If you can see, feel, hear, smell what it would like to be smoke free, or be at that perfect weight , this is the new you. The you of the future, and by using hypnosis you can speed up this process to where you are thinking "from" the future, not "of it".